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Getting Started with Online Ordering
Getting Started with Online Ordering
An Overview of Online Ordering on One2 Menu
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In this guide we will walk you through account setup to your first order. πŸ›Ž

Picture of the One2 quick start guide popup which helps you set up your account.

In the app, we have an interactive quick start guide to take you through the account setup process:

  1. Adding your business details (hours, business name, tax rate, etc.)

  2. Adding your menu information

  3. Setting up Stripe to collect credit card payments and payouts

Please check out the FAQ's below

What is Stripe and why do I need it?

Stripe is the payment processor we use to charge your customers credit card and handle payouts directly to your bank account. Stripe securely processes your business details, such as your tax ID so that you can accept payments, use Apple Pay, and securely process credit cards without manual PCI compliance.

We have an interactive wizard that will help you get your account set up - if you already have a stripe account, that's great! You can use that same email to link your existing Stripe account with One2.

How do I add my menu information?

You can add your menu information by clicking "edit menu". Each menu item, contains an item name, description, price, image, and modifiers. You can click on the placeholder text of any item to add your information.

Picture of an item in the one2 menu editor.

You can check out our full menu editor guide here.

Please note: Online ordering and your website menu share the same menu editor. All changes you make in the One2 menu editor such as price, options, and availability will be reflected. You can preview your online ordering store from the View Menu button under the Menu section on the one2 homepage (see screenshot below).

What is the View Dashboard Button?

One2 Menu Online Ordering screen

View dashboard links you to Order Dashboard, which shows incoming orders. The dashboard allows you to receive incoming orders in real-time and move them through various status messages (in progress, ready, completed). The customer will have the ability to see where their order is along the completion process (see below).

Edit button (for Ordering Status and Lead Time)

Order Status allows you to change if the store is currently active (customers can order). Pausing the ordering status will turn off the ability for customers to order from your store until the next business day.

Lead time that the customer sees on the payments and order confirmation screen.

Understanding the customer Order Notification

When a customer places an order, they are able to see the order status, estimated order completion time, and fulfillment type (for example, Pickup). It is important to note that customers cannot place an order (or reach this screen) if the store is turned off or the business hours are closed.

Now that ordering is enabled, you can choose to print orders via the Star Micronics Printer integration or key in orders into the POS that you currently use.

For assistance setting up your printer, please email [email protected] or message us in the app.

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