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How to add One2 Menu to Squarespace
How to add One2 Menu to Squarespace

A step by step guide to using One2 Menu with Squarespace

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For this guide you will need a One2 Menu account. Please sign up for an account using this link if you don't have an account.

One2 Menu is designed to give you easy management over your menu and replaces the default Squarespace "Menu" block.

To add One2 Menu, just pick the black "add" pin on the left side of an empty section on your page. Navigate down to the Code block and click enter.

Please note, you will need a business account to use this feature.

Next, open One2 Menu. Under the integrations section, you'll see the website integration icon. click Settings (1) and copy the embed code (2).

One2 Menu Squarespace Embed Example

Paste the embed code back into the Squarespace embed frame.

Embed One2 Menu inside Squarespace

Congratulations! You may need to publish your Squarespace website to see the One2 Menu live on your page.

Finally, to get the most benefit for search engines, please paste the website page address where you have installed One2 Menu (on Squarespace). Your website address will look something like:

Troubleshooting Menu Issues

We have found that Squarespace Ajax can cause issues on a few Squarespace themes, where the menu may not load without you hitting the refresh button. You can easily fix this by disabling Ajax. We recommend disabling Ajax if you are using the following themes:

  • Brine

  • Farro

  • Skye - Blog landing page only

  • Tremont

  • York

To enable or disable Ajax:

  1. In the Home Menu, click Design, and then click Site Styles.

  2. Scroll down to Site: Loading.

  3. Check or uncheck Enable Ajax Loading.

For the most up to date information from Squarespace, please read their page about Ajax.

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