Editing Your Menu

How to add, edit, and publish menu changes with One2.

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Menu Structure

Menus are made up of pages, sections, and items.

Each page can have multiple sections.

Each section can have multiple items.

Navigating your Menu

Tap the sidebar icon to open up your menu navigation.

If you have a page that has content, you can expand it by tapping on the expand icon to see a list of sections.

Tapping on a page title or section title will bring you to that section or page.

Add a Page

To add a page click or tap on the sidebar toggle.

Tap the “Add Page” button to add a page.

Your new page will automatically open.

Once you arrive at your new page, you can give it a title. Just tap on the page title to edit it.

Add a Section

To add a section to your page, tap on the "Add Section" button.

Tap on the section title to edit the title of the section.

Add an Item

To add an item, tap the "Add Item" button.

Tap on the item’s title, description, or price to start editing your item.

You can also tap the image icon to add an image to your menu item.

Additionally, if you’d like to add a modifier to your item, you can tap “Manage Modifiers +”. Modifiers are useful for menu items that have multiple sizes or options (e.g. pizzas that come in multiple sizes, ribs that are sold as whole slab or half slab, etc.).

You also have the option to add a Modifier Group. A modifier group lets you set constraints on the number of options the user can pick. In the example above, we have set a modifier group for sides, specifying that you can only pick 1 side. We also added a "premium side" with a $1.50 up-charge. You can add multiple Modifier groups, enabling you to create "Build your own" items throughout the menu.

Hiding an Item

You can tap the "eye" icon to hide an item from view. On the next publish, this item will be removed from your posted menus. Only you will be able to see the image (when inside the editor). Tapping the item again will make it visible to everyone on the next publish.

Delete a Page

To delete a page, navigate to the page you wish to delete.

Tap on the toggle at the top of the menu.

Then, tap on the delete button to delete the page.

Note that all of the content on this page will be deleted.

Delete a Section

To delete a section, navigate to the page containing the section.

Tap on the toggle at the top of the section to reveal the delete button.

Tap on the delete button to remove the section.

Note that all of the content in this section will also be deleted.

Delete an Item

To delete an item, navigate to the page containing that item.

Tap on the ‘x’ icon to delete the item.

Rearranging Menu Content

Tap the sidebar menu icon to open the sidebar.

You can reorder the pages by tapping and holding on the drag icon to move the page up or down the list.

You can reorder the sections by tapping and holding on the drag icon to move the section up or down the section list. Note that you cannot drag a section into a different page.

You can reorder the items in a section by tapping and holding on the drag icon to move the item up or down the item list. Note that you cannot drag an item into a different section.

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