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Connecting Your Menu to Google My Business
Connecting Your Menu to Google My Business
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Once your menu is ready, we can set up the Google My Business integration. After that is in place, your new menu updates will automatically sync with Google Maps & Search.

Don't have a Google MyBusiness account?

Contact [email protected] for assistance getting started. Our support representatives will assist you in setting up your Google MyBusiness account.

Already have a Google MyBusiness account?

There's a couple steps you need to follow once signed into your Google MyBusiness account.

Add One2 as a new user in your Google MyBusiness account:

Enter the One2 organization ID when adding the new user. Type in the following number: 5125269949. This will pull up the One2 organization. Please make sure the permissions are set to OWNER. You will still be the primary owner of your listing forever, and can revoke access to One2 at any time. After that, hit done.

Once One2 has been set up as a user, you're all set.

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